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Maintenance Strategy for Trucks, Trailers and Semi-trailers After Heavy Rains

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In the rainy season every year, we often encounter continuous heavy rainfalls, and severe waterlogging in many cities, which is easy to cause heavy casualties and property losses.

At the same time, it has varying degrees of impact on the use and parking of vehicles. It is necessary to pay more attention to personal safety and to the condition of vehicles. In case of long-term wading or parking and soaking in water (the accumulated water height exceeds the height of half wheel), the vehicles (trucks, trailers and semi-trailers) shall be inspected and maintained in time.

China wading and socking truck from wondee

Vehicle inspection items include :  wheel hub system, braking system and suspensions system.

Main inspection contents:  whether water inflow or sludge stuck are happened.

semi trailer axle components from wondee autoparts

1. Hub and drum system:

Remove the end cap and check whether the water has entered the hub and drum system. If water be entered, it will lead to greasing failure and bearing damaged. The hub and drum system must be maintained in time.

semi trailer axle Hub and drum brake system

2. Brake system:

1) Drum-type axle brake system:

If the vehicle wades but does not soak in water for a long time, the accumulated water in the brake drum can be removed through multiple braking.

If the vehicle soak in water for a long time, please send it to the 4S store for maintenance.

Heavy duty brake drum for semi trailer axle

2) Disc-type axle brake system:

Check and clean the brake lining, brake caliper and other related parts. In case of water ingress, maintenance shall be carried out.

disc type brake system for semi trailer

3) Slack adjuster and S-camshaft:

Check whether the return of slack adjuster and S-camshaft is smooth, and refill the grease after cleaning.

American type Slack adjuster for semi trailer axleAmerican type S-camshaft for semi trailer alxe

4) Brake chamber:

Check and clean air brake chamber carefully, and replace new one if necessary. Sediment and other sundries are easy to enter the exhaust hole of the air chamber, which will make the vehicle braking invalid in serious cases.

Single and double air chamber for semi trailer

3. Suspension system:

1) Mechanical suspension:

Clean the leaf spring, torque arm and equalizer, and refill grease on concerned parts.

3-Axle Mechanical suspension with axle for semi trailer

2) Air suspension:

Clean the air bag and shock absorber of the air suspension.

3-axle air suspension with axle for semi trailer


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