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After the development of highway transportation, from the original great liberation to the current blooming of various trucks, it has a very mature industrial chain. National standards have been established for various technical indicators, such as the manufacture of complete trailers and the formul



Introductions of semi-trailers ABS system (Part 1)

Introductions of semi-trailers ABS system (Part 1)-introductions, advantages, compositions and standards1. Brief introductions of the ABS systemA semi trailer ABS (Anti-lock braking system) is an electronic control system that monitors and controls the speed of the vehicle during braking. Its task i



Difference Between Semi-trailers and Full Trailers

Trailers can be divided into full trailers and semi-trailers. What is the difference between them? What are their characteristics? 1. Definition of trailers, full trailers and semi-trailers 1) Definition of trailersTrailers means a vehicle towed by a tractor/truck/car without its own power drive. A



Characteristics and Uses of Various Semi-trailers

What is semi-trailer?Semi-trailer is a trailer whose axles is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and is equipped with a coupling device (king pin) that can transmit horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. Part of the total load of the traile



Maintenance Strategy for Trucks, Trailers and Semi-trailers After Heavy Rains

In the rainy season every year, we often encounter continuous heavy rainfalls, and severe waterlogging in many cities, which is easy to cause heavy casualties and property losses.At the same time, it has varying degrees of impact on the use and parking of vehicles. It is necessary to pay more attent

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