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Toyota Power on Solid-state battery, and the pure electric endurance may exceed 1200km

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Ternary polymer lithium battery

In China and even the world, Electric vehicle battery technology is "diverse", mainly represented by BYD Lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery carried by Tesla, especially BYD "blade battery", which has the best acupuncture effect and high Factor of safety, is the most mature automotive battery in China and even the world at present. Toyota once sought cooperation with BYD, and its first mass production electric car bZ3 also used BYD blade battery, The market reaction is relatively strong and can be said to be one of the mainstream configurations on the market.

blade battery

As a global car manufacturer, although Toyota has long questioned electrification, it cannot "block" the historical process and can only follow the trend of market development. In fact, Toyota has been investing in research and development in the field of "all Solid-state battery", which is regarded as the next generation of power battery by the industry. Although it has always been a conceptual thing, Toyota has always been close to the ultimate goal, and has a clear timetable: to put "all Solid-state battery" into practical application from 2027-2028.

solid state battery

It is necessary to popularize Solid-state battery here. Solid-state battery use solid electrolyte, which can make the energy density of the system reach 480Wh/L, or will make the electric vehicle have a range of nearly 1200km, and can be fully charged with about 80% of the electricity in 12 minutes, so as to solve the problems of battery energy density, charging speed, Range anxiety, and safety at one go, which can make electric vehicles quickly enter thousands of households.


Of course, the manufacturing cost of Solid-state battery is significantly higher than that of liquid state battery. At the same time, there are more stringent requirements for production process and quality control. Therefore, battery manufacturers like CATL are not very positive about Solid-state battery. They believe that many technical problems of Solid-state battery have not been completely solved, and it is difficult to promote and develop in the market. Toyota's "bet" on Solid-state battery is obviously no other good way to go. After all, companies such as BYD and Tesla have achieved the "ceiling" level in the liquid battery market, and they are really not rushing to invest a lot of energy in developing liquid batteries. Toyota's purpose is very clear: to compete in the next generation of batteries. According to Toyota's plan, or the Solid-state battery that will be put into use as early as 2027 will be installed on the BEV model. For Toyota, whose technology is full of perseverance, its ambition is not small. The future electric vehicle market is full of big variables!

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