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The sales volume of China new energy trucks reached 47,534 in 2021

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With the promotion of double carbon goals, environmental protection governance is becoming increasingly strict. In recent years, new energy commercial vehicles have been paid more attention by the market . Based on the annual sales of new energy trucks in China in 2021, the development status of the new energy truck market is explored through multi-dimensional analysis of vehicle types, fuel types and brand manufacturers.

Sales volume of new energy trucks in China in 2021 (units)

According to the truck sales insurance data in 2021, the total sales of new energy trucks in China was 47,534 in 2021, including 10,539 heavy duty trucks, 1,391 medium trucks, 35,395 light duty trucks, 209 micro trucks, and the light duty trucks and heavy duty trucks accounted for the largest proportion of new energy trucks sales models, reached 74.5% and 22.2% of the overall market share respectively.

Proportion of fuel types of new energy trucks in China in 2021

In terms of fuel types, 45,315 pure electric vehicles account for 95.33% of the total new energy trucks market, it is the main fuel type of new energy trucks. And there are 1,104 oil-gas hybrid vehicles, 828 fuel cells vehicles, and 197 diesel hybrid vehicles. Compared with pure electric vehicles, they need to be further developed.

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In terms of vehicle brands, 197 diesel hybrid vehicles have been sold, including 174 light duty trucks, 19 heavy duty trucks and 4 medium trucks. According to the brand, there are 8 enterprises that have achieved market sales, including 156 Dongfeng vehicles, 12 Henan Songchuan vehicles, 6 Dongfeng commercial vehicles, 6 Jirui United heavy industries, 6 Jiangxi Kaima bailujia vehicles, and 6 FAW Jiefang vehicles, 4 Chengli vehicles and 1 Shandong vehicle.

Among gasoline hybrid electric vehicles, 1,104 vehicles were sold, including 1,084 light duty trucks and 20 medium trucks. Seven brands have achieved sales volume, including 1,060 Geely commercial vehicles, accounting for 96% of the total market. In addition, 22 Fujian Fudi vehicles and 10 heavy truck Haixi vehicles have achieved sales volume.

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In terms of fuel cells, hydrogen fuel is basically used in trucks on the market at present. In 2021, China sold 828 fuel vehicles in total, including 777 heavy duty trucks, 48 medium trucks and 3 light trucks. The share of heavy duty trucks accounted for 93.84% of the total market.

In terms of brands, there are a total of 22 enterprises with sales volume, and 9 enterprises with more than double-digit sales volume. Nanjing Jinlong ranks first, with sales volume of 361 vehicles, accounting for 71% of the total market. The enterprises ranking 2-9 are Foshan Feichi with 98 vehicles, Jinlong United Automobile with 63 vehicles, Dayun with 62 vehicles, Hongyan with 56 vehicles, Jiangling heavy truck with 49 vehicles, Shanghai Vientiane with 27 vehicles, SAIC Maxus with 25 vehicles, Dongfeng with 22 vehicles. From the data, we can find an interesting phenomenon. As a traditional bus enterprise, Nanjing Jinlong has concentrated its efforts in the direction of fuel heavy duty trucks and achieved initial results.


new energy light truck

In 2021, China's truck insurance data was 1,566,503 in total, and new energy vehicles accounted for 3%. Although their share in the whole market is relatively small, with the promotion of the dual carbon goal, it is an indisputable fact that their development potential is huge.

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