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China's new energy vehicles provide travel guarantee for the G20 Indonesia 2022

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In Bali, Indonesia, a new energy vehicle shuttles between the airport and the hotel. The "G20" logo on the body is painted in the local traditional Badic style, which is very eye-catching. As one of the official vehicles of the 17th G20 Summit, 300 Airev new energy vehicles produced by SAIC GM Wuling Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "Wuling Indonesia") will provide green travel guarantee for the Summit.

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At the summit car support base near Bali's Wula Lai International Airport, hundreds of new Wuling new energy vehicles are ready to be launched, and the staff are carefully checking the power of each vehicle. It is reported that the new energy vehicle can travel 200 kilometers every time when it is fully charged, which can meet the demand for summit vehicles. Wuling new energy vehicles are parked in front of the public charging posts in the venue area, and drivers can operate charging through mobile phone applications.

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Indonesian Secretary of State Pratikono said: "The use of new energy vehicles at the 17th G20 Summit demonstrates Indonesia's firm commitment to the transition to clean energy."

Resource: People's Daily (November 14, 2022, 14th Edition)

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