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Analysis on Market Scale and Competition Pattern of Global Semi Trailer Industry in 2021

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Semi trailer can transport large-scale construction machinery, trade goods and containers which are not easy to split, and can also transport fresh goods such as vegetables, fruits and meat, which has good compatibility and rapidity.

Since 2016, the global semi-trailer industry has shown a rapid growth trend. After years of development, it has entered a stage of stable growth. From 2016 to 2020, global semi-trailer sales increased from 1.138 million to 1.191 million, mainly benefiting from the active development of construction activities in China and India. It is expected that the growth rate of semi-trailer sales in various regions of the world will gradually slow down in the next few years, and the global semi-trailer industry will enter a period of steady growth. It is estimated that the global semi-trailer sales will reach 1.236 million in 2022.

Global semi trailer sales and forecast in 2016-2022

Semi trailer sales

China and North America account for 60% of the global semi-trailer market share. In 2020, 385200 semitrailers will be sold in China, accounting for 32.20%. The sales volume of semi-trailer in North America was 361700, accounting for 30.90%. The European market share exceeds 20%. In 2020, the sales volume of semi-trailer in Europe will be 238500.

Sales Volume and Proportion of Semi Trailers in Major Regions of the World in 2020

Semi trailer sales 2

Source: Frost & Sullivan, China Business Industry Research Institute

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