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Turkey imposes an additional 40% import tariff on all cars from China

Views: 0     Author: Wondee Autoparts     Publish Time: 2024-06-11      Origin: Wondee Autoparts


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According to a presidential decision published in Turkey's Official Gazette on June 8, Turkey decided to impose an additional tariff of 40% on cars imported from China, which will be implemented on July 7. The Ministry of Commerce of Turkey said in the statement that the purpose of collecting the tax is to increase the market share of domestic production vehicles and reduce the current account deficit: "The international agreement we signed on the import system decision and its annex is a contracting party, which aims to ensure consumer safety, protect public health, protect the market share of domestic production, encourage domestic investment and reduce the current account deficit." The necessary arrangements are made through consultation with relevant institutions.

It is reported that as early as 2023, Turkey imposed 40% tariff on electric vehicles imported from China. But some time ago, Cengiz Eroldu, chairman of the Turkey Automobile Industry Association (OSD), said that the tax on the electric vehicles imported from China was not enough, because 78% of the vehicles imported from China were internal combustion engines.

Industry insiders have pointed out that due to the growing export of electric vehicles, China is facing increasing trade pressure in multiple countries and regions. The European Commission is expected to announce next week whether to impose temporary additional tariffs on Chinese cars.

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