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Design Specifications for Semi Trailers (Part 2)----Calculation specifications and technical requirements of common parts1. Calculation specification of common parts of semi-trailer products1.1. Suspension systemSemi trailer suspension systems mainly include American mechanical suspension, German me



Design specifications for semi trailers(Part 1)
1. General principles of semi-trailer design During the design of semi-trailer, the following 7 principles shall be followed:1.1 The product meets the requirements of relevant government and industrial standards and regulations. When the enterprise has special regulations, it also meets the requirem



Introduction of Oil Tank’s Breather Valve
1. Definition of breather valveThe breather valve is an important accessory to keep the storage tank in safe. It is installed on the top of the tank and is used to automatically control the opening and closing of the internal and external gas channels of the storage tank, maintain the balance of pre



Introduction of emergency shutoff valve of tanker (Part 1)
1. Product introductionThe emergency shutoff valve, also known as the sub-sea valve, installed at the bottom of the tank body of a tanker, is a vital safety unit in gas applications. The valve is sealed inside the tank. The valve body is equipped with a shutoff groove. When it is strongly collided,



Introduction of manhole cover of fuel tanker (Part 2)
(continued from the preceding part)Introduction of manhole cover of fuel tanker (Part 2)- Technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules1. Technical requirements1.1.1 The manhole cover should meet the requirements of QC/T1065-2017 standard.1.1.2 The raw materials, purchased parts, outsour



Introduction of manhole cover of fuel tanker (Part 1)
Introduction of manhole cover of fuel tanker (Part 1)- composition, quality standard, definition, installation, operation and maintenance1. Product introductionThe manhole cover is installed on the top of the tank of the fuel tanker with the functions of internal breathing and emergency exhaust. The
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