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Trailer axles Introduction

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Trailer axles, as the name suggests, is an accessory of the trailer and an important part of the trailer. Trailer axless are also called trailer axless. The trailer axles is connected to the frame through the suspension. Wheels are installed at both ends. Its function is to transmit the force and torque in all directions between the frame and the wheels. According to the different suspension structures, the trailer axles is divided into integral and disconnected. There are two types; according to the shape of the front beam, it can be divided into I-shaped section and cylindrical section trailer axles. I-shaped section trailer axles is widely used at present, its strength is large, and its shape is easy to meet the requirements of the general layout.

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trailer axles action

The importance of trailer axless

trailer axles action

The trailer axles is a shaft that transmits power between the final reducer (differential) and the driving wheels, and most of them are solid. The inner end is connected with the side gear of the differential, and the outer end is connected with the hub of the driving wheel. The half shaft of the steering drive trailer axles needs to be segmented and connected by a constant velocity joint; the half shaft with the swing half shaft drive trailer axles needs not only to be segmented and set with a universal joint, but also to be equipped with a telescopic spline or a telescopic constant velocity joint. universal joint

The importance of trailer axless

The trailer axles is the bottom of the car, located on both sides of the gearbox, connecting the gearbox and the elevation of the tires. The purpose of this fixed arrangement of the trailer axless is to ensure that the car will not be bumped up and down during the driving process. The trailer axless are all solid. , and the trailer axles has a great role to ensure the stability and safety of the car.Therefore, when car owners do regular maintenance for their car, the place that must not be missed is the trailer axles. Let the repairman carefully check the use of the trailer axles. If there is a distortion or crack, it must be replaced with a new one, or It can be restored to its original state without compromising safety.

The trailer axless are generally located in the chassis part of the car. If there is a sway or unstable factor during the driving of the car, it is necessary to think about whether it is the problem of the trailer axles, especially the refitted car, the maintenance and maintenance of the trailer axles part, It must be done on a regular basis, not perfunctory.

Let me give you a case. The editor has encountered a car accident accident scene. The accident scene was a rear-end collision of five vehicles. However, the traffic police carefully checked the cause and found that the main cause of the accident was that one of the trailer axless of the first car was broken, causing the vehicle It lost its balance in an instant, and the car behind had no time to brake and could only hit it.

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