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Semi Trailers & Components

Wondee SemiTrailer is designed according to the advanced production process flow, strictly implements ISO 9001:2015 QC system, China Compulsory Certification and inspect semi-trailer quality according to the following standards:

JB/T4185-1986; GB1589-2004; GB7258-2004; GB4785-2007; GB1359-1989; QC/T29035-1991.


Wondee semi Trailer products are as follows:

1. Skeletal / Skeleton semi-trailer (20 feet, 40 feet );

2. Fence semi-trailer (2 axle, 3 axle);

3. Flatbed semi-trailer (2 axle, 3 axle);

4. Low-bed semi-trailer;

5. Van semi-trailer;

6. Oil Tank / Bulk powder semi-trailer;

7. Full trailer.


Driven by market and innovation, Wondee SemiTrailer has exported to most developing countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia, South American etc. with more than 78 clients receiving our trailers with satisfaction. 


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