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2-axle 3-axle Fence Semi Trailers for Bulk Cargo Transportation

  • 20+ years of experiences (Since 1999)
  • Production implementing ISO 9001-2015
  • Services implementing ISO 9001-2015
  • Technical standards: GB/T23336-2009, GB12676, GB1589-2016.
  • 80%+ self-produced parts
  • 100% quality inspection before shipment
  • Warranty of chassis: 24 months since shipping date
  • Sales volume (units): 10,000+ per year
  • Number of R&D Staff: 11
  • Customer satisfaction: 100% (OEM, ODM service Ok)


WONDEE fence semi trailerWONDEE fence semi trailer transportationWONDEE fence semi trailer transportation2

A semi-trailer is a trailer whose axles are placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and is equipped with a coupling device (king pin) that can transmit horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. Part of the total load of the trailer is borne by the tractor.

Features: without power in itself, it carries the goods with the tractor, and driven by the tractor.

A semi trailer is one of the main transportation equipment for cargo transportation in the world. Applications: carrying container or cargo and other special purposes.

Usually, semi-trailers can be classified into fence semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, lowbed semi-trailers, warehouse grid semi-trailers, van semi-trailers, container semi-trailers, dump semi-trailers, oil tank semi-trailers, bulk cement semi-trailers and car transportation semi-trailers and so on.

For more about WONDEE Semi Trailers Project, please click:

semi trailer project


Quality management system (Production)Implementing ISO9001-2015
Quality management system (Services)Implementing ISO9001-2015
Technical standardGB/T23336-2009; GB12676; GB1589-2016, etc.
China compulsory certificationCCC certification obtained
Warranty of chassis, axles24 months since shipping date
MaterialFrom TOP 5 steel mills
Self-produced parts80%+
Interchangeable partsBPW/FUWA/JOST/YORK/WABCO/SAF Brand
CuttingCNC Plasma Cutting Machines & Laser Cutting Machines
WeldingAutomatic Gantry Main Beam Welding Machines & Robot Welding Machines
Suspensions, axlesWONDEE brand or Client specified brands
Landing gears, king pins, etc.WONDEE brand or Client specified brands
Pneumatic systemChina's well-known brands
WheelsChina's well-known brands
Shot blastingLarge Vehicle-body Shot Blasting Machines
PaintingAutomatic Painting Lines with exclusive dual painting process
Quality inspection before shipment100%
Packing and deliveryCKD/SKD loading by 40/45HQ container, RO-RO, Bulk cargo
Loading capacityExceeding Chinese Standards
Annual output (unit)10,000+
Overseas market20+ countries (The Philippines, Vietnam, Saipan Island, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Ghana, Chad, Nigeria, Gabon, Dr Congo, Ecuador, etc.)
Land area (square meters )60,000+
Number of equipments (sets)200+
Number of employees100+
Number of engineers20
Available certificatesCOC, PVOC, CIQ, SONCAP, C/O, FORM E, FORM A.

Comprehensive info of semi-trailers:

SeriesSkeletal/skeleton trailers, flatbed trailers, fence/sidewall trailers, lowbed trailers, rear tipper trailers, dump trailers, stake trailers, oil tank trailers, bulk cement trailers and car transportation trailers and so on.
Load capacity20 Ton, 30 Ton, 40 Ton, 50 Ton, 60 Ton, 70 Ton, 80 Ton or more are optional.
Overall Length20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, 53 feet or other length are optional.
Axle quantity2-axle, 3-axle and 4-axle are optional.
Suspensions & AxlesGerman/American type suspensions and axles; air suspensions and axles, bogie suspensions and axles.
Interchangeable spare partsBPW/ FUWA/JOST/WABCO/SAF Brand
ApplicationsCarrying containers, cargos, oil, gas, food, wooden and other special purposes.
ColorsRed, yellow, orange, green, blue are optional
Quality inspection before shipment100%
Customer satisfaction100%
Payment termsTT, LC, DP.
Lead timeAbout 15~20 working days
Packing and deliveryCKD/SKD loading by 40/45HQ container, RO-RO, Bulk cargo
After sales serviceHotline service within 24 hours.
Provide guidance and service in site for VIP.
Life-long free technical service.
MOQ1 Unit


Fence semi trailer (1)Fence semi trailer (2)

Parameters of WONDEE Autoparts Fence Semi Trailers:




WFE2-4001 12410*2500*2900 8200+1310 7500 32600

11R22.5; 12R22.5;

 11.00R20; 12.00R20

WFE3-4001 12410*2500*2900 7050+1310+1310 8200 34000

11R22.5; 12R22.5;

 11.00R20; 12.00R20

WFE2-4002 13000*2500*2900 8300+1310 8000 36400

11R22.5; 12R22.5;

 11.00R20; 12.00R20

WFE3-4002 11500*2500*2900 5720+1310+1310 7500 32300

11R22.5; 12R22.5;

 11.00R20; 12.00R20

WFE3-4003 13000*2500*2900 6790+1310+1310 6200 33800

11R22.5; 12R22.5;

 11.00R20; 12.00R20

WFE3-4004 13000*2500*2900 6900+1310+1310 7800 32200

11R22.5; 12R22.5;

 11.00R20; 12.00R20


Workshops of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

WONDEE semi trailer workshops1WONDEE semi trailer workshops2

(Plasma CNC cutting workshop, Main beams welding workshop, Chassis and suspensions welding workshop, Painting line, Final semi trailers wareshouing)

Factory facts of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

Land area (square meters ) 60,000+
Number of equipments (sets) 200+
Number of employees 100+
Number of engineers 20

Production lines & equipment of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

WONDEE semi trailer production line

1. Plasma CNC cutting line→ 2. Main beam welding line→ 3. Chassis welding line→ 4. suspension turnover welding equipment→ 5. Chassis shot peening line→ 6. Chassis pinting line→ 7. Components assembling line.

Semi-finished products of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

WONDEE Semi trailer products

(Semi finished products of semi-trailers)

Product details of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

WONDEE semi trailer detail shows

(Product details of semi-trailers)

Final products of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

WONDEE Fence semi trailer (2)WONDEE Fence semi trailer (1)

WONDEE semi trailers (4)

Container loading arrangement of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

WONDEE semi trailer container loading arrangement

Production range of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

WONDEE semi trailer product range

(Flatbed trailers, Fence/sidewall trailers, Lowbed trailers, Rear tipper trailers, Dump trailers, Stake trailers, Oil tank trailers, Bulk cement trailers and car transportation trailers)


Main components of WONDEE Autoparts semi trailers:

WONDEE semi trailer components

(Beam and chassis, Suspensions system, Semi trailer axles, Landing gears, Wheel and tires, Twist locks, Air tanks, Air chambers, King pins, Pneumatic system, Brake system, etc.)

Besides different semi-trailers, WONDEE Autoparts also supply full range of semi trailer components as below:




Xinhe Industrial Park, Xiamen, Fujian, China 361006





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