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Leaf Spring


Product Description

Standard mechanical suspension leaf spring for heavy duty semi trailer and truck :

leaf spring (7)

American type mechanical suspension leaf spring and Germany type mechanical suspension leaf spring:

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1. Production  :

Standard heavy duty semi trailer leaf spring   for American type Mechanical suspension and Germany type mechanical   suspension

Size: 90x16x9, 90x16x8, 90x16x7, 100x12x12,   100x12x14,100x14x12,75x14x9

2. Leaf spring types:

Conventional Leaf Spring, Parabolic Leaf   Spring, Z Type Air linker, TRA leaf spring

Trailer leaf spring, semi trailer leaf   spring, Pickup leaf spring, sprung drawbar, Farm trailer spring

Truck lea spring, Bogie leaf springs, boat   trailer leaf springs, Agricultural trailer leaf spring

3. Spring thickness and width:

Thickness from 6 mm to 50 mm, width from   44.5 mm to 120 mm

4. Components:

Spring leaf, clip, center bolt, nut,   bushing,

5. Color

Red, shinning black, dark black, grey,   blue, As requirement.

6. Steel Flat Bar Materials Grade:

SUP6, SUP7, SUP9, SUP9A, SUP10, SUP11 and   SUP11A are available.

7. Leaf Spring Quality:

WONDEE exported leaf springs since 1999,   We provide 24 months quality assurance.

8. Related Certificate:

ISO9001; TS16949; COC; PVOC; CIQ; SONCAP;   BV; C/O; FORM E.

9.Leaf spring Application:


10. Production ability:

20000 Tons  per  month

11. Packing

Wooden pallet

12. Lead time:

About 10~15 Working Days

What's the leaf spring ?

Leaf Spring is one of cells in auto suspension system, the main function is transmitting all force and moments between wheels and car frame, relax impactive load caused by the road surface and realize vehicle guidance, makes vehicles normal drive. It is a necessary component of truck, trailer, special cars and other vehicles.

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The main three styles of leaf springs:

1.  Multi-Leaf Spring – This type of leaf spring has more than 1 leaf in its assembly. It consists of a center bolt that properly aligns the leaves and clips to resist its individual leaves from twisting and shifting.

2.  Mono Leaf Spring – Consists of one main leaf where the material’s width and thickness are constant. Example – the leaf will be 2 1/2" wide throughout its length, and .323 in thickness throughout its entire length. The spring rate is lighter than other styles of leaf springs and usually requires a device to control positive and negative torque loads as well as requiring coil springs to hold the chassis at ride height.

3.  Parabolic Single Leaf – Consists of one main leaf with a tapered thickness. This style is sufficient to control axle torque and dampening, while maintaining ride height. The advantage of this style is that the spring is lighter than the multi-leaf.

The function of automobile leaf spring:

1.  Holding the chassis at ride height

2.  Controls the rate at which the chassis rolls

3.  Controls the rear end wrap up

4.  Controls axle dampening

5.  Controls lateral forces such as side load, pan hard, or side bite rate

6.  Controls brake dampening forces

7.  Sets wheel base lengths during acceleration and deceleration

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The maintaining and servicing about the leaf spring: 

1. After driving a certain mileage, U-bolt of leaf spring should be screwed, in case of such accidents as malposition of the leaf spring, aberrancy of the car or the breakage from center hole which can all be caused by the loosing of the U bolt.

2. After driving a certain mileage, eye bushing and pin should be checked and lubricated in time. If bushing is badly worn, it should be replaced in order to avoid the eye sending out noise. At the same time ,such phenomena as the distortion of leaf spring and aberrancy of the car caused by the imbalanced wear of the bushing can also be avoid.

3. After driving a certain mileage, the assembly of leaf spring should be replaced in time, and leaf spring of both sides should be checked to see if there is any disaccord between both sides camber in order to avoid wear of the bushing can also be avoided.

4. As for new car or those with newly replaced leaf spring car, U-bolt should be checked after every 5000 kilometers' driving to see if there is any loose it loose. During driving, much attention should be paid to some unusual sound from the chassis, it may be the sign of dislocation of leaf spring or the loose of U-bolt or the breakage of the leaf spring?

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Features of WONDEE semi trailer Leaf springs:

1. High level of precision in finished product dimensions due to the use of automatic equipments .

2. More than 20 years experience in leaf spring , There have many part sizes and load capacities for optional.

3. Due to the Strong technical team and R&D capabilities, OEM Specifications are available

4. Wide range of models and configurations due to the Product accumulation since 1999

5. Reliability in the performance under the Strict product quality inspection

6. Optimization of weight under the Optimized product design

7. Raw Material of excellent quality from our partner steel mill

8. Innovation in processes with exclusive technology under our experienced engineers

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WONDEE semi trailer Leaf spring Production processing:

leaf spring (2)

1: Spring steel flat bar, 2. Spring cutting, 3. Spring straightening, 4. Spring hole drilling, 5. Spring eye rolling, 6. Spring quenching, 7. Spring tempering, 8. Spring assembling, 9 Spring painting, 10, Spring mark making.

WONDEE supply various kinds of semi trailer and truck leaf spring more than 20 years: 

leaf spring (6)leaf spring (9)

In addition to supplying different types of semi trailer leaf spring , WONDEE also Supply different types of semi trailer components as below: 



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