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Inspection for braking failure of semi-trailers in winter

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If the semi-trailer has brake failure or weakness during driving in winter, please check the following items in time:

  1. Check whether each pneumatic fitting is leaking (including trailer palm coupling fittings)

brake system

When winter comes, the temperature decreases and the sealing rings or gaskets becomes relatively harder. Due to the wind and rain in summer, the sealing performance of the rubber rings is getting worse, especially the pipeline joints on the axle. In winter, low temperature will lead to pneumatic tube shrinkage at the sealing pipe joints, poor sealing performance and air leakage. Therefore, we must check each sealing joint of the pneumatic circuit before driving every day. It's best to shake and touch one by one. If there is air leakage, tighten it in time or reinstall it.

2. Check the air dryer filter of the tractor

air dryer filter

Check the air dryer filer of the tractor to ensure that the air source of the tractor is dry and free of moisture. As air dryer is an air filter, with the accumulation of service time, the filtering effect on the residual water vapor of compressed air is lost. The compressed air does not achieve the purpose of drying, resulting in water and ice in the pipeline and valve body, which affects the normal use of the brake.

3. Drain the water in the air tanks of tractors and trailers regularly

Drain Valve of Air Tank

In winter, the temperature sometimes drops below zero. At this time, the compressed air in the tanks is easy to produce water droplets or wet air. Therefore, the air tanks of the tractor and trailer needs to discharge water regularly. The interval of regular water discharge in winter shall be shorter than that in summer to ensure the dry air used for braking. If the water is not discharged in time, the wet air inside the air tanks will enter the valve body. When the temperature is lower than zero, the ice inside the valve body will be caused, resulting in the piston stuck in the valve body and the final brake failure.

4. ABS system maintenance

ABS Anti-lock indicator

ABS is connected with multiple sensor connectors. Its function is to transmit signals for the braking system, so that ABS can give certain instructions at a specific speed of the vehicle, and give full play to the best braking force and frequency. Therefore, ABS sensor connectors need inspection and maintenance to ensure their fixation. At the same time, the ABS gear ring in the brake drum shall be removed and cleaned regularly to ensure that the sensing signal between the gear ring and the probe is good and the joint is free of putty.

Many problems are often encountered when driving in winter. The important braking parts of vehicles such as pneumatic circuit,

Joint fittings, air tank draining and ABS must be checked and maintained to avoid problems.

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