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3-axle 45000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailers for Oil, Petrol and Diesel Transportation-2


Product Description

3-axle 45000L Fuel tank semi trailer for LPG transportation

fuel tank semi trailer (1)fuel tank semi trailer (2)


WONDEE tri-axle 45000L LPG fuel tank semi trailers Dimension & SPECIFICATION

Tare Weight

12,500   Kgs


Overall   L x W x H

12,000   x 2,500 x 3,750 mm


6,830+   1,310 + 1,310 mm





Petrochemical   liquid

Chamber Nos.

4 chambers

Valid Volume


Body Steel Material

Q345B / 5mm

End Plates

Q345B   / 6mm, by punching

Resistant Wave Plates

Q345B   / 3mm

Partition Chamber Plates

Q345B   / 5mm



4   sets YOJE aluminum alloy ø500mm(20”) manhole with aluminum alloy cover; with   4units breather valve; without any Chinese

Discharge Valve

4   sets YOJE DN80 aluminum alloy discharge valve with cover

Foot Valve

4   sets pneumatic control YOJE DN80 aluminum alloy foot valves

Pneumatic Control system

1set Pneumatic Control combined switch

(4   compartments switch+ master switch);

1unit   emergency switch

Pipeline At Bottom of Tank

3” steel tube/ Q235 for each chamber



1   unit at the rear of tank, flat steps, folding and detachable type

Walkway Platform

On   the top of tanker; bolted, detachable type; with anti-slip painting and   quartz sand

Guard on Top of Tank

2   sets stainless steel side guard, one set link working with back ladder

Discharge Hose Box

2   units, each side 1 unit, steel, cylinder tube with covers on both ends; with   guide wheel

Discharge Hose

2   units 3”×6M factory PVC hose with quick coupling on   both ends

Fire Extinguisher Carrier

2   units at the left of rear of tanker, include 2 units 4 kg dry powder type   fire extinguisher inside

Anti-static System

Anti-static   mop: 4 units in total; 2units put at the back of tanker; the other 2units put   at the beside of landing gear;

1set   flexible wire carrier;

12pcs   sheet copper

Oil Indicator

4   units

Tire Stopper

2   units with its holder


1   units U-dipstick


Main Beams

Heavy   duty and extra durability designed; Opting for high tensile steel Q345B,   welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes.

Welded   “I” beam;

Height:   380mm; Top Flange:16mm, width:140mm; Middle Flange:8mm; Bottom Flange:16mm,   width:140mm


Three   units heavy duty WONDEE Brand 13T, 16T, 20T Axle, BPW and FUWA brand axle are   available

Landing Gear

Two-speed,   manual operation, heavy duty WONDEE Brand linked landing gear, JOST / FUWA 28T landing leg or according to   request.

King Pin

one unit   of 3.5" bolt-in / Welded kingpin, standard, JOST type   2.0 inch (50mm) / 3.5 inch (90mm) 


3-axle   mechanical suspension, Germany   Type / America Type
  Air suspension: WONDEE brand / BPW brand or   FUWA Brand according to request.

Wheel Rim & Tires

12 units   of 8.25*22.5 / 9.00*22.5 tubeless steel wheel rim  , 12 units tire, sizes 11.00R20, 12.00R20,12R22.5, 385/65R22.5
  Triangle, Chengshan, Doublestar, Linglong   brand.

Electrical Wire

One unit of JAEGER POWAY, 24V 7-pin   ISO 1185 socket; two sets of reliable, local brand standard rear light, turn   light, rear reflector, side light, side reflector etc. One set 6-core   standard Cable.


Pneumatic Braking System

One   unit WABCO RE 4 relay valve; four units T30/30 spring brake chamber; two   units T30 spring brake chamber; two units reliable local brand 45L air tank;   two units reliable local brand standard coppery air-connector.

Spare tire carrier

1   unit


1set,   at the end of tanker


Plastic   type


As   client’s option

Warning Plate

Reflective   sticker yellow, wide 5CM, on both side of the tanker;

Square   reflective sticker 5CM, red color, at rear of tanker;

2units   triangle reflective;

70km/h   speed sign;

NO.3   flammable liquid danger warning sign

Tool Box

One   toolbox with a set of standard trailer tool.

Shell finish - exterior

Sand blasting before painting; two   coats of primer, anti-corrosion; two coat of finish painting; color as customer’s   option, no interior painting

Packing   and shipping:

1.   container ;

Lead   time:

25~30 days   after deposit received. 

 WONDEE fuel tank semi trailer Photos :   

fuel tank semi trailer (3)Semi trailer (6)

WONDEE fuel tank semi trailers loading methods:  

fuel tank semi trailer (5)

WONDEE fuel tank Semi Trailer Production Line:

Semi trailer (5)

WONDEE fuel tank Semi trailer workshop photos:

Semi trailer (8)

 WONDEE 3-axle 45000L Fuel tank Semi Trailer Features:  


 1. Apply to the transport loose cargo light, soft, with a low center of gravity and light weight, the quality of the utilization factor, carrying capacity and other characteristics

 2. Overall assembly and disassembly convenient, can be more than one car, van, car warehouse gate, tailgate car at the same time.

 3. Innovative design, tailored to local transport environment analysis on the basis of full understanding of, learn from the advanced design concept, many innovative.

 4. Advanced means of production technology and perfect testing equipment to protect the the product overall structure is reasonable, reliable performance.

 5. Frame body Q345B high strength structure steel, automatic submerged arc welding throughout beams, and other cross-section main stringers structure for optimum carrying effect.
6. Well-known brand axles, suspension systems, high performance, and reliable to use, to ensure the good performance of the vehicle.
7. Full braking and electrical systems at home and abroad in accordance with ISO standard, optional ABS system, braking, lighting is absolutely safe and reliable.
8. Frame overall spray primer treatment, paint spraying fine surface quality of maritime anti-corrosion standards.

9. Products fully comply with relevant national standard GB1589, GB/T6420, at the same time to meet the individual needs of customers.

Semi trailer (7)fuel tank semi trailer (4)

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