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13T Heavy Duty European Type Air Suspension for Semi Trailer And Truck Parts:


Product Description

13T Heavy duty European type air suspension for Semi Trailer and truck Parts:

Air suspension (3)

Item No.


Beam Size


Air Bag                Size

Inflation       Pressure

Width of            Two Beams













Ф127 / □150

370 ∽ 550


0.7 Max

850 ∽ 1200

1270 ∽ 1400




Ф127 / □150

370 ∽ 550


0.7 Max

850 ∽ 1200

1300 ∽ 1400



1. Production  :

Heavy   duty air suspension for semi trailer and truck

European type and   American type air suspension.

2. Capacity:

11T, 13T,

3. Air spring brand:

Goodyear, Firestone air bag.

4. Connection method:

Air linker, Z-type leaf spring ,Trailing   arm ,

5. Axle beam type:

Square beam , round beam,

6. Lifting or not:

Common type and lifting type air suspension   are available

7. Mechanical property:

tensile strength>255N/mm2,  degree of   hardness:197-241HB

8. Color

Red, shinning black, dark black, grey,   blue, As requirement.

9. Warranty:

12 months since shipping date.

10. Related Certificate:

ISO9001; TS16949; COC; PVOC; CIQ; SONCAP;   BV; C/O; FORM E.

11. Lead time:

About 10~15 Working Days

Air suspension (9)

 What is the heavy duty Air suspension for semi trailer and truck:


Car suspension is a mechanism that connects the wheels and the body, supporting and damping the body. It is mainly to transfer the force acting between the wheel and the frame, and to buffer the impact force transmitted from the uneven road to the frame or body, attenuate the resulting vibration, to ensure that the car can run smoothly. Suspension is simply the general name of the connecting device between the car body and the wheel, which is composed of shock absorbers, guide mechanisms and elastic elements.

The structure of a typical suspension system mainly includes elastic elements, guiding mechanisms, and shock absorbers. Elastic elements come in the form of leaf springs, air springs, coil springs and torsion bar springs.

Air suspension (8)

Air suspension refers to the suspension using air shock absorbers, mainly through the air pump to adjust the air volume and pressure of the air shock absorber, which can change the hardness and elastic coefficient of the air shock absorber. By adjusting the amount of air pumped in, the stroke and length of the air shock absorber can be adjusted, and the chassis can be raised or lowered. The air suspension system is a very advanced and practical configuration. It uses the increased rigidity of the enclosed gas in the air spring after being compressed, that is, as the air spring is continuously compressed, its stiffness gradually increases, and at the same time, the internal gas follows the air spring. Being compressed or elongated and pressed in or out, the air suspension system has close to ideal dynamic elastic characteristics. In a broad sense, air suspension is a suspension that uses air springs as elastic elements.

Air suspension (5)

Compared with the traditional steel suspension system, air suspension has many advantages.

Advantages of air suspension:

1. light weight. The biggest advantage of air suspension is its light weight, which is much lighter than traditional leaf spring suspension.

2. it is convenient for loading and unloading. Through the manual height valve in the air suspension system, the height of the vehicle loading platform can be adjusted within a certain range to facilitate loading and unloading of goods.

3. the driving is stable and the shock absorption performance is good. Compared with lightweight vehicles, vehicles with air suspension travel more smoothly.

4. high security. The uniform distribution of the axle load and the balanced contact between the tire and the ground can improve the overall braking performance and turning stability of the axle. At the same time, the height of the air spring can be automatically adjusted according to the road conditions to reduce vibration and help protect the safety of goods.

5. reduce maintenance costs. When the vehicle is running with no load, the air suspension can lift the axle, reduce tire wear, extend the service life, and reduce fuel consumption at the same time.

Air suspension (1)Air suspension (6)

Air suspension is a suspension system used in passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks. At present, 95% of passenger cars, 80% of trucks and 40% of trailers in Europe and the United States have used air suspension systems.


The mainstream air suspension is divided into European air suspension and American air suspension:

The guide arm (load-bearing beam, suspension arm) of the European airbag air suspension is one or more leaf springs, and the guide arm is made of casting. Because the guide arm is a leaf spring, it can play a certain buffering effect during driving, and can achieve a certain shock absorption compared with the American suspension.

The American air suspension guide arm is made of steel stamping and welding. In theory, the weight of the American suspension guide arm will be lighter. The use of stamping and welding guide arms has a great relationship with the small load capacity of American vehicles.

Air suspension (2)

WONDEE supply various kinds of semi trailer Air suspension more than 20 years: 

Air suspension (7) 

 In addition to supplying different types of semi trailer Air suspension, WONDEE also Supply different types of semi trailer components as below:

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