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Trailer Axles & Componets

WondeeAxle is designed according to the advanced production process flow, strictly implements ISO TS16949 QC system, and has complete testing equipments as follows:

1. Fatigue testing machine;

2. Magnetic flaw detector

3. Metallographic microscope;

4. Carbon sulfur analyzer and spectro photometry instrument;

5. Tensile universal testing machine;

6. Hardness tester, etc.


WondeeAxle products are as follows:

1. German semi trailer axle series (Capacity from ten tons to twenty tons);

2. American semi-trailer axle series (Capacity from eleven point five tons to sixteen tons);

3. Other axles: spoke type axles, disc brake axles, low bed axles, agricultural axles, Dutch axles, Brazilian axles, HENRED axles, YORK axles, etc.

Special axles can be developed according to customer requirements.


WondeeAxle has been exported to seventy four countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, with more than eight hundred clients all over the world. Widely recognized and praised by customers.


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