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Leaf Springs & Components

Wondee Leafspring is designed according to the advanced production process flow, strictly implements ISO/TS16949 QC system and GB/T one nine eight four four-2005, and has complete testing equipment as follows:

1. Physical & Chemical Laboratory;

2. Hardness testers;

3. Special equipment for measuring perpendicularity and parallelism of ears;

4. Leafspring comprehensive testing platform, for testing stiffness, deformation, and loading capacity, etc.);

5. Camber height separator;

6. Fatigue testing machine;

7. Salt spray tester;

Wondee LeafSpring manufactures conventional leafsprings, parabolic leafsprings and other springs, sprung drawbar, air linker, etc. for following vehicles:

1. Trailers and semi-trailers;

2. Pick-ups;

3. Heavy light trucks;

4. Buses;

5. Agricultural vehicles;

Parts related to leafspring, including U bolts, center bolts, hangers, copper bushes, bi-metal bushes, rubber bushes,clamps, pins, etc. are also available.  

Leaf thickness from 6 mm to 59 mm, and width from 44.5 mm to 140 mm.

Material grade: SUP7, SUP9, SUP9A, SUP11A, 60Si2Mn, 55Cr3, 50CrVA, 51CrV4, and 52CrMoV4, etc.

Based on the highest quality products and the best service concept, Wondee LeafSpring has been exported to eighty two countries in USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa, with more than eight hundred clients receiving our cargo with satisfaction. 


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