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Landing Gears & Components

WondeeLandingGear is designed according to the advanced production process flow, strictly implements ISO/TS16949 QC system and has complete testing equipment include follows:

1. Landing Gear Comprehensive Testing Platform system to inspect Lifting Ability, Static Pressure Ability, Lateral Load Bearing, Input Torque, Durability, and  Part Strength Test according to AAR standards and GB/T 26777-2011. Our landing gear passed all tests.

2. Thickness gauge to test painting coating thickness.

WondeeLandingGear  products are as follows:

1. Fuwa type landing gear (24ton, 28ton and 32 ton);

2. Jost type landing gear (24ton, 28ton and 32 ton);

3. Landing gear parts including T foot, A foot, S foot, R foot, G foot, crank, gear bar, W-plate, L-plate, etc.

WondeeLandingGear has been exported to 58 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, with more than 600 clients all over the world, widely recognized and praised by customers.

Business services implement ISO9001-2015 system and high customer satisfaction has been obtained.


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